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Originally from South Wales and now based in Hampshire, Amy Goddard is a folk artist with a flair for story songs.

Amy stands out as an artist across disciplines, designing her own album covers and even performing on a hand-crafted guitar she built herself.

Her vocals have been likened to Sandy Denny and Joni Mitchell for their clear, pure and almost fragile sound. Described by Folk Radio UK as "the rarest of singer/songwriters" Amy's songs cover personal matters, history and legend and also current social comment.

Amy has loved folk and acoustic music since her childhood when she discovered the music of Simon and Garfunkel. She loves to combine her creative skills in building guitars, writing and recording her songs and creating a complete work of art in the form of an album.

Amy's 2019 album Always A Dreamer (a tribute to John Stewart) was named number 2 in the critics choice as album of the year in Country Music People. Coming in ahead of well known artists such as Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and Dolly Parton.

Amy is currently recording her third album of original material and has been using the lockdown time to get back to her love of painting. 


Down in the Mine is her third release coming after two very fine full-length albums. The haunting Remembering Aberfan was named Fatea magazine’s song of the year in 2016. It’s notable for its intensity and unsentimentality and has a beautifully restrained choral arrangement. Most attractively presented.   

David Kidman - fRoots


There is a refreshing honesty in this collection of tunes and the purity and fragility of Goddard's voice begs obvious comparison to the late great Sandy Denny.   

Trevor Raggatt – R2


Burn & Glow is a great introduction to the repertoire of Amy Goddard and the range of material she covers suggests that she has the potential to become that rarest of singer/songwriters, one who isn’t afraid to write about contemporary social justice concerns along with more personal matters.

Helen Gregory - Folk Radio UK


This rather lovely CD is so aptly titled, for it surely burns itself into your consciousness and leaves a wonderfully warm glow there.

David Kidman - Living Tradition


Wonderful new singer-songwriter, one to watch.

Frank Hennessey - BBC Radio Wales


“Secret Garden” was released in April 2016. The 14 tracks include the WW1 song “Gladdie” that reached the semi-finals of the UK songwriting competition. All Amy's releases have received excellent reviews as have her various live performances. Amy has wisdom and experience beyond her tender years and is a damn fine songwriter.

Dai Jeffries –


An accomplished singer-songwriter and judging by her performance here, something she can turn very easily to the live environment. A thoroughly entertaining set and one that gave the impression that Amy could easily slot into almost any venue and feel very much at home.

Cambridge Folk Festival Club Tent – Neil King – FATEA


My goodness she makes a wonderful sound, vibrant and clear as a bell and the quality of the material is outstanding. Even as the long set draws to a close, I'm ready to hear more.

Geoffrey Head – S.L.A.P. Magazine

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