© 2018 Amy Goddard

Originally from South Wales and now based in Hampshire, Amy Goddard is a folk artist with a flair for story songs.

Amy stands out as an artist across disciplines, designing her own album covers and even performing on a hand-crafted guitar she built herself.

Her vocals have been likened to Sandy Denny and Joni Mitchell for their clear, pure and almost fragile sound. Described by Folk Radio UK as "the rarest of singer/songwriters" Amy's songs cover personal matters, history and legend and also current social comment.

Amy has loved folk and acoustic music since her childhood when she discovered the music of Simon and Garfunkel. She loves to combine her creative skills in building guitars, writing and recording her songs and creating a complete work of art in the form of an album.

The recent revival in the popularity of vinyl releases is something of great interest to Amy. The sheer scale for design is very appealing and one of her goals for the future is an LP release. Maybe one day even a picture disc. She also has plans for hand silk-screened T-shirts in addition to the machine printed ones she has already designed herself.