BBC Radio Wales. Comments on 'Gladdie' by Frank Hennessy

One of the most touching songs I've heard in a long, long time.

FATEA. Review by Neil King

In "Secret Garden", Goddard has created an album that takes you through an emotional adventure, across both historical and conventional themes, but one that allows you to dip and enjoy the odd song, definitely an album that encapsulates that modernist term sustainability, this one should be about for years. 

Living Tradition. Review of 'Burn and Glow' by David Kidman

This rather lovely CD is so aptly titled, for it surely burns itself into your consciousness and leaves a wonderfully warm glow there. 

Folk Radio UK. Review by Helen Gregory

Burn & Glow is a great introduction to the repertoire of Amy Goddard and the range of material she covers suggests that she has the potential to become that rarest of singer/songwriters, one who isn’t afraid to write about contemporary social justice concerns along with more personal matters. Review of 'Burn and Glow' by Dai Jeffries

Amy has wisdom and experience beyond her tender years and is a damn fine songwriter 

Chichester Folk Club, August 2014. Review by Colin Turton

There are those who can skilfully craft meaningful lyrics. Others compose delightful melodies. There are those who can engagingly perform. Amy Goddard singularly combines all those talents … a rare gift.

When Amy presents a song she almost hides behind it. The song says it all.